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my portfolio


Drift Media Solutions

PHP & WordPress Website

"Drift Media" expanded the client's former utilitarian 6-page website. I designed & developed custom pages and content to drive targeted conversions by constructing landing pages and exploring Artificial Intelligence as a tool to render original content and images.


YourAirCo Website

Custom Wordpress Elementor Website

"YourAirCo" was developed from a Figma wireframe to replace a site that was out of date. YourAirCo is optimized to excel in Google Analytics and is poised to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions and traffic while surpassing Desktop (99) and Mobile (72) speed scores.


Fredrick Waff Project

PHP & WordPress Portfolio Website

"Fredrick Waff Project" is a PHP-driven portfolio website, including hyperlinks to media. I resurrected and updated while improving upload speeds up to 90%. It is a captivating digital representation of an impressive body of work.


Reese Design Portfolio

Custom 11-page Webflow Portfolio Site

"Reeses Design" is a collection of case studies, including graphic and web design projects developed in Webflow. It showcases comprehensive studies exploring target markets, design, and implementation using Figma, XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator.


Dominique DeLong Website

Custom Webflow Portfolio Website

"Dominique Delong" was designed to showcase a one-page portfolio. I developed it in Webflow from a design I created in Adobe XD. The case study for this project is on this page on my design portfolio site.


Accelerate Marketing Website

PHP & WordPress Website

"Accelerate" is hand-coded in PHP and was designed to maximize the client's desire to expand the collective reach beyond their brand's initial blog site. Pages and links were created in a custom child theme to better suit their growing target market online.


Unplugged Retreat Website

HTML 5 & CSS 3 Website from a Photoshop Comp

"Unplugged" is a fully functional 3-page responsive layout site, including hyperlinks and maps. The site is crafted from Photoshop specifications and is perfect for a growing small business.


JavaScript Magic Oracle

HTML CSS & JavaScript Project

"Magical Oracle" is an example of how entertaining coding can be. If you have gotten this far, why not take the time to ask the magic oracle a few questions? Check Codepen for more projects.


WooCommerce Website

Custom WooCommerce & WordPress Website

"Root With Nature" is a concept website utilizing WooCommerce. Originating as a request to merge WordPress and WooCommerce, it is a perfect e-commerce site for budding entrepreneurs.


Daryn Harada Website

Custom Website from a Photoshop Comp

"Daryn Harada" site was initially developed as a static webpage. Then I transformed it into a beautifully responsive website. Coded to pixel perfection from the original Photoshop files, this mobile-first site is ideal for professionals wanting to get their brand exposure online.

about me

I am a Responsive Designer & Developer who prefers the challenge to create intricate and comprehensive code with a refined aesthetic.
I believe that code can bring to life the pure art of design and function. And that it should appear effortless and gleam with a story to tell.
I'd love to share my vision to help you create something amazing!

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